Are You Andrew’s Grandma Too?

I became a mother at a fairly young age. One of the unexpected benefits of this is that I also became a grandma at a relatively young age. My first grandson, Andrew, was born when I was 42. My first granddaughter, Hailey, was born seven years later. Before I was 50, I had two grandkids.

I am so fortunate to be able to experience time with them while I am still young. And yes, even though I’m in my 50’s, I consider myself young. I don’t know if that’s because I feel young, or perhaps it’s because I haven’t really grown up yet. Either way, I’m happy I can keep up with Andrew and Hailey and enjoy some of the same things they enjoy.

This past weekend, we were able to spend time together. Bill and I picked up Andrew after church, and then met Hailey and her mom, Erin, and Erin’s bff Josh at Red Robin. We enjoyed lunch, and then headed to see the movie “We Bought a Zoo.”

Hailey was seated in between Andrew and me in the theater. She’s a fairly petite 4-year old, and every time she moved her movie-theater seat threatened to fold her up inside it. This made it a little hard for her to get comfortable. About 30 minutes into the movie, she ended up in my lap.

After sitting with me for a while, she glanced over at her cousin Andrew, and then up at me. She whispered quietly to me, “Are you Andrew’s grandma too?” I quickly whispered back that I was.

Without missing a beat, Hailey looked directly into my eyes and then gave me a big kiss on the lips and snuggled right into my shoulder. I don’t know what moved her so much about that, but it just about melted me. Maybe it’s because she realized how that connects her with Andrew. Or maybe it’s because she realized how lucky I am.


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