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Deschutes River Trail

While Sunriver is the perfect place for casual, relaxing bike rides, there are other more challenging options. In the past, Bill and I tackled the Deschutes River Trail and enjoyed it immensely. We decided to give it another go in our recent trip to Sunriver. We started at the Benham Falls trailhead in north Sunriver and rode over a few miles of single-track trail littered with random collections of large, sharp rocks. This was sometimes difficult to ride through, and I ended up pushing my bike on a few occasions to keep from scraping my legs on the rocks or nearby trees. It’s a mixture of up- and downhill, so the ride had lots of easy parts too. The views of the Deschutes river are beautiful.

After a few miles, the trail arrives at Benham Falls park in Lava Lands (which is where Lava Butte makes its home), where the rest of the public can drive and walk a mile to view the falls. The first part of the walk is a quaint wooden bridge. Although you can’t quite see me, I’m at the end of the bridge in the picture.

photo 8

As you approach the falls, the Deschutes leaves the calm waters behind and picks up its fury.

2014-06-20 11.09.43

The falls are steeper and more intense than they look in this picture.

photo 15

After the falls, the water begins to smooth out again.

photo 16

Bill enjoying a break at the top of the falls.

photo 17

After we saw the falls, we rode another few miles along the river, sometimes along the edge of a ravine directly above the river. What stunning views we saw! We turned around at around seven miles and headed back to Sunriver.

On our way back, we were quite surprised to see my parents walking down the trail. They’d already viewed the falls and were starting to think about lunch. So we agreed to rendezvous at one of favorite watering holes, Sunriver Brewing Company in the Sunriver Village. We enjoyed a few pints and a delicious lunch. I fell in love with their Vicious Mosquito IPA!  If you pay them a visit, I highly recommend it. After filling our bellies, we headed back to our vacation home for a well-deserved rest in the sun on the back patio.


Biking in Sunriver

My favorite thing to enjoy at Sunriver is a loooong bike ride on their miles and miles of paved trails. The trails meander through the resort, often along the Deschutes River. We enjoyed several of these relaxing bike rides.

There is a footbridge you can ride across the Deschutes. The best part about that is the views of the river, which is very calm in this area. Here’s looking north from atop the footbridge . . .

photo 6

And here’s looking south . . .

photo 5

Bill’s taking in the scenery from the footbridge.

photo 7

On our way back, we passed by this deer. She wasn’t at all concerned about being so close to humans, and just kept munching away while I snapped photos just a few feet away from her.

photo 2

Nature’s beauty at its best.

10 Years Ago Today–9/10

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Hillsboro, Oregon, just west of Portland. I started the day watching my great-niece place soccer at the school across the street. Then I headed over to Hillsboro Stadium to watch my 11-year old grandson Andrew play football in what felt like scorching heat. My 4-year old granddaughter Hailey would be coming over later to spend the late afternoon and evening with us. A lovely, enjoyable late summer day.

It’s hard to believe that ten years ago today I flew to Boston to attend a week of management meetings at my company’s (Cadence Design Systems) offices in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Accustomed to fairly regular travel at that point in my life, this trip should have been a snap. Up in the morning to catch an early flight on Monday 9/10/11. Enjoy an evening to get settled for the week, then attend meetings Tuesday through Friday morning, and fly home Friday afternoon. However, when getting ready to leave home that morning, I had a strange and unsettled feeling that things weren’t going to be the same when I got back. In reality, this feeling had been with me for a few weeks. In late August of that year, I remember gazing out a window in our bedroom thinking, “something’s going to change soon, and I’ll look back and wish I could get back to this simple time.” This thought perplexed me, because I hardly thought of my life as simple at the time. But somehow I had a sense that I’d realize that the world “back then” was a kinder, gentler place.

Before I left my house for my flight, I kissed my husband good-bye. For the first time, saying good-bye before a business trip was difficult. I remember having tears in my eyes and having a nagging sense that I would miss our 20-year anniversary on September 19. This didn’t make any sense at all, since I was due to be home on September 14.

For the most part, my trip east was uneventful. There was, though, a point where the plane hit a bumpy space and had a slight drop. Nothing serious, but it caught my attention. I’m a pretty skittish flier, and anything other than smooth sailing gets my hackles up. I closed the book I was reading because I couldn’t concentrate through the bumps. I remember thinking gloomy thoughts, “there haven’t been any significant air disasters for quite a while. I wonder if, statistically speaking, it’s time for something horrible to happen.” These thoughts stayed with me until we landed. I never could get back to my book. I just couldn’t focus. In reality, it was about four years before I could focus on that book again.

Once safely on the ground, I got in my rental car and drove to my hotel. For the most part, I forgot about my concerns. I settled into my room and started preparing for my upcoming meetings. But for some reason, the minute I got my rental car, there was a brief moment when I quite literally wanted to pull over and kiss the ground.

Movie Night in Oregon’s Wine Country

Evening view from Anne Amie's patio.

Evening view from Anne Amie's patio.

Despite being located in some of the most beautiful settings anywhere, wineries typically close at 4 or 5 pm, eliminating the possibility of enjoying the evening and possibly a gorgeous sunset. Anne Amie winery has come up with a cool opportunity to give its patrons the opportunity to sip wine and enjoy a picnic dinner on its hilltop patio while watching the sun set behind Oregon’s coast range.

On select Friday nights throughout the summer, they have scheduled outdoor movie nights. You can arrive any time after 6:30 pm, and enjoy Anne Amie’s beautiful surroundings until the movie starts. Bill and I did this last night with friends Maribeth, Carol, and Greg.

Not knowing what to expect, we brought enough cheese, bread, olives, and other goodies to make a full meal. You can, however, purchase meat and cheese plates from the winery. They look delicious, but they’re a little pricey for what you get. They also offer free popcorn.

And of course, we purchased some of their delicious wine to enjoy with our patio sunset meal.

As the sun goes down, the movie startsOnce the sun goes down, everyone moves to blankets and lawn chairs on the hillside and enjoys a movie with the setting sun, and eventually a panorama of stars, in the background. The skyscape was the perfect backdrop for the movie we watched: Star Trek (the one released in 2009). Very fitting.

What a fun evening. This was the last movie night of the summer, but we hope to catch some flicks here next summer.

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