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This picture was an accident, and I almost deleted it from my iPhone. Fortunately it caught my attention before I clicked Delete.

It’s an ornate picnic tabletop from Oregon’s Anne Amie winery. I’d like to think of something cool to do with it, but so far all I’ve come up with is publishing it on my blog. So for now, you’ll see it in the sidebar . . . until I find a more interesting picture.



Movie Night in Oregon’s Wine Country

Evening view from Anne Amie's patio.

Evening view from Anne Amie's patio.

Despite being located in some of the most beautiful settings anywhere, wineries typically close at 4 or 5 pm, eliminating the possibility of enjoying the evening and possibly a gorgeous sunset. Anne Amie winery has come up with a cool opportunity to give its patrons the opportunity to sip wine and enjoy a picnic dinner on its hilltop patio while watching the sun set behind Oregon’s coast range.

On select Friday nights throughout the summer, they have scheduled outdoor movie nights. You can arrive any time after 6:30 pm, and enjoy Anne Amie’s beautiful surroundings until the movie starts. Bill and I did this last night with friends Maribeth, Carol, and Greg.

Not knowing what to expect, we brought enough cheese, bread, olives, and other goodies to make a full meal. You can, however, purchase meat and cheese plates from the winery. They look delicious, but they’re a little pricey for what you get. They also offer free popcorn.

And of course, we purchased some of their delicious wine to enjoy with our patio sunset meal.

As the sun goes down, the movie startsOnce the sun goes down, everyone moves to blankets and lawn chairs on the hillside and enjoys a movie with the setting sun, and eventually a panorama of stars, in the background. The skyscape was the perfect backdrop for the movie we watched: Star Trek (the one released in 2009). Very fitting.

What a fun evening. This was the last movie night of the summer, but we hope to catch some flicks here next summer.

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