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Winter hike near Forest Grove

Bill and I went on a beautiful hike just outside of Forest Grove today. It was quite a climb. We went from about 300 feet to over 1800 feet in about two miles. Needless to say, my butt and legs were pretty sore by the time we got to the top. The hike down was quicker and easier, but my toes kept being jammed into the end of my shoes, so it wasn’t without it’s own set of problems.

As we headed up the hill, we saw this beautiful creek along the logging road we were hiking on. It sounded so cheerful.


We hiked farther up the hill, and then stopped to take a picture of the panoramic view, catching ourselves in the foreground.

We were pretty happy to be outside enjoying ourselves after weeks of rain.


The clouds made the views even more stunning, lending dimension to complement the rolling hills.

We didn’t get any pics at the top because my phone battery was getting low. Maybe next time.


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